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High-Performance Alloys

Special Metals Corporation's core business is the invention, development and production of nickel alloys and cobalt alloys. Our product portfolio contains more than 100 alloy compositions, wrought products and welding consumables, over 85% of which were invented in our own laboratories.

The time-tested nickel alloys and cobalt alloys of Special Metals Corporation are highly engineered to offer a superior combination of heat resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, toughness and strength for the most demanding applications. Information on the physical and mechanical properties of these products, the most comprehensive range of alloy compositions and product forms available from a single manufacturer, can be accessed below. The Industries and Markets section categorizes the alloys by industry.

INCONEL® alloys INCOLOY® alloys BRIGHTRAY® alloys
INCONEL® alloy 600 INCOLOY® alloy 800 BRIGHTRAY® alloy B
INCONEL® alloy 601 INCOLOY® alloy 800H/800HT® BRIGHTRAY® alloy C
INCONEL® alloy 601GC® INCOLOY® alloy 803 BRIGHTRAY® alloy F
INCONEL® alloy 603XL INCOLOY® alloy 825 BRIGHTRAY® alloy S
INCONEL® alloy 617 INCOLOY® alloy 832 BRIGHTRAY® alloy 35
INCONEL® alloy 625 INCOLOY® alloy 864  
INCONEL® alloy 625LCF® INCOLOY® alloy 890  
INCONEL® alloy 686 INCOLOY® alloy 903  
INCONEL® alloy 690 INCOLOY® alloy 907  
INCONEL® alloy 693 INCOLOY® alloy 908  
INCONEL® alloy 706 INCOLOY® alloy 909  
INCONEL® alloy 718 INCOLOY® alloy 925  
INCONEL® alloy 718SPF™ INCOLOY® alloy 945 - 945X  
INCONEL® alloy 725 INCOLOY® alloy MA956  
INCONEL® alloy 740 INCOLOY® alloy DS  
INCONEL® alloy X-750 INCOLOY® alloy 020  
INCONEL® alloy 751 INCOLOY® alloy 028  
INCONEL® alloy MA754 INCOLOY® alloy 330  
INCONEL® alloy MA758 INCOLOY® alloy 25-6MO  
INCONEL® alloy 783 INCOLOY® alloy 27-7MO  
INCONEL® alloy N06230 INCOLOY® alloy A-286  
INCONEL® alloy C-276 INCOLOY® alloy 25-6HN  
INCONEL® alloy G-3    
INCONEL® alloy HX    
INCONEL® alloy 22    

NIMONIC® alloys UDIMET®/UDIMAR® alloys NILO®/NILOMAG® alloys
NIMONIC® alloy 75 UDIMET® alloy 188 NILO® alloy 36
NIMONIC® alloy 80A UDIMET® alloy L-605 NILO® alloy 365
NIMONIC® alloy 81 UDIMET® alloy 520 NILO® alloy 42
NIMONIC® alloy 86 UDIMET® alloy 720 NILO® alloy 48
NIMONIC® alloy 90 UDIMET® alloy D-979 NILO® alloy K
NIMONIC® alloy 91 UDIMET® alloy R41 NILOMAG® alloy 77
NIMONIC® alloy 105 UDIMAR® alloy 250  
NIMONIC® alloy 115 UDIMAR® alloy 300  
NIMONIC® alloy 263    
NIMONIC® alloy 901    
NIMONIC® alloy PE11    
NIMONIC® alloy PE16    
NIMONIC® alloy PK33    

MONEL® alloys Nickel/DURANICKEL® alloys Other Products
MONEL® alloy 400 Nickel 200 FERRY® alloy
MONEL® alloy 401 Nickel 201 NI-SPAN-C® alloy 902
MONEL® alloy 404 Nickel 205 Waspaloy
MONEL® alloy R-405 Nickel 212 Nitinol alloys
MONEL® alloy K-500 Nickel 270 Electroformed Nickel Foil
  DURANICKEL® alloy 301 INCOTHERM® alloy TD
nickel anodes